Hana Mandlikova wins 1984 VIRGINIA SLIMS OF CALIFORNIA
Martina Navratilova streak comes to an end
Hana on her way back to WTA top 5. First tournament win in 30 months!
The will to win ! Hana Mandlikova’s newly-found determination and constitency has made her the hottest player so far in ’84.
Hana Mandlikova, back into top 5, is beaten in quarters by WTA #3 Pam Shriver, for the first time
Hana won an exceptionnal tense final in Dallas against Kathy Jordan
Hana won her 5th tournament of the year, beating Sukova in finals
New team and first win for Hana with Claudia Kohde-Kilsch
Hana very close of a second bomb, but close is not enough fighting great Martina Navratilova.
Unseeded Laura Arraya of Peru stunned Hana but Mandlikova and Kohde captured their second consecutive title
Hana reached semifinals but didn't turn to a positive feedback
The english tabloids started to display rumors, of non-existent declarations of Hana pretending Chris was not an obstacle.