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Hana Mandlikova


First major International title for Hana Mandlikova
Hana on her way back to WTA top 5. First tournament win in 30 months!
Hana defeats Martina Navratilova in semis on her way to the title


Hana Mandlikova, pure tennis talent? 
They are the ones who speak best about it:

4 Grand Slam victories from 8 finals played, 26 WTA Tour victories, 3 Federation Cups and a world No. 3 ranking are the factual summaries of Hana Mandlikova’s career.

Beyond the facts and figures, Hana Mandlikova’s greatest victory is to have made a success of her life and to be happy:


As you get older, tennis matches are not as important as life, or kids, or family — things like that. I think the most important thing, when you stop playing tennis… is to enjoy your life and to be happy.”

Hana Mandlikova

WTA Legends, May 2020


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Oct. 16, 2023 updates

RIP Vilem Mandlik. Hana’s dad passed away October 6, 2023 in Prag. All our thoughts to Hana and her family.  

1978 Panorama is online ! For the first time, all Hana’s results in Junior and Pro. New results from BP Cup

1977 season is slowly growing with first international events Hana entered.


Check Hana’s Youtube Channel, which is now over 300,000 views. More than 60 videos of matches, highlights, portraits, latest one : her semi from Zurich 1987 vs Nathalie Tauziat.


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