Let’s build together Hana’s “Hall of Fame” online

On this website, you can follow Hana Mandlikova’s career year-by-year, tournament by tournament. It will be completed step-by step and if you want to help you’re welcome! This site is a platform to share our passion for Hana, Tennis and “vintage” WTA of the 80’s.

I’m trying to re-create the years Hana spent on the tour and to relive all the tournaments she entered through the years, “as if you were there”. Till the end of the 80’s, the coverage of the WTA was not global. It is a real treasure-hunting to find reports, images, videos of even the most important tournaments.

When Virginia Slims came back as main sponsor of the tour by 1983, new laws about tobacco industries advertisement on TV made it difficult to the “Virginia Slims Series” tournaments on the US to be broadcasted on National TV. It’s why the newspapers reports are the remaining elements for most of these events.