Mahwah reports

After a curious summer where the Czechoslovakian sports authorities imposed her to navigate between the pro circuit and the junior or amateur competitions which do not correspond to the level to which she can pretend, Hana is back on the rails of the professional circuit in the USA.

R1 :

This match between Mandlikova and the young German, US resident, Bettina Bunge is interesting because it pits two of the future greatest talents in world tennis against each other.
The Czechoslovakian has the upper hand in two sets, but this first meeting between these two 17 and 16 year old players will surely be the first of many.

R2 :

Sixth-seeded Virginia Ruzici battled back from a slow start to defeat Hana Mandlikova 7-5. 6-4.

Ruzici won only eight points in the first seven games vs Hana before recovering to win in 1 hour 40 mn.

Article compiled from : AP, John Dolan’s Women’s Tennis 68-84