Florida Federal Open

Seeded 1 in tampa, Hana had 2 easy wins versus Melissa Brown and Michaela Washington.

Hana Mandlikova, night session, vs M. Washington. Photo : Cherie Diez, DR

In quarterfinals, Camille Benjamin earned a shot at Torres in the semifinals with a 7-6 (7-5), retired victory over topseeded Hana Mandlikova, who was forced to withdraw with a 102-degree temperature and flu.

“I decided to play and I shouldn’t have” said Mandlikova. “There was no sense being out there. I was getting dizzy. I told myself after the tiebreak I’d quit”.

OFF THE COURT : By strange coincidence, top seed Hana Mandlikova and superstar rocker Elton John happened to come down with terrible cases of the flu in Tampa. The bug forced Hana out of the tournament and Elton out of a scheduled concert. When it was discovered that both had fevers of 103 degrees, some observers kidded that Hana and Elton were becoming a very hot item…

Inside Women’s Tennis

(Article compiled from : Inside Women’s tennis, Tampa Bay Time)